Sunday, February 26, 2012

Large motor test rig

Built a motor test rig to experiment with a powerful Sabertooth 2x25 motor controller by Dimension Engineering.  I suspect that I have selected a motor controller that is larger then required for these motors.  So far this controller is very solid. 

The motors come from old ride on scooters, no specs.  Haven't done any real investigation on capabilities yet.  On the rig now it is controlled by a 5k pot in analog mode.  The goal is to test with each mode.

The power supply is rated at 5amp max and already tops out if significant changes in current occur.  The rig is left over scrap plastic.  Lots of rough cuts to in the motors mounted.  I don't plan on running these with much load so there aren't any vents.  This may change in the future.

Still grounded... Blade 450 heli

After this crash I replaced about $30 of parts. I don't have the pitch angle tool yet (china eBay order = slow). I adjusted the blade tracking but it wasn't enough. I need to retrim out the whole head.

Couldn't get off the ground and still have lots of vibration. Guess I will be logging more sim time and read J. Salt's ebook on setup tips. Swash Plat Setup Guide

Flight 36 resulted in this crash.  Lost orientation.
Damaged parts removed

@StempleLABS on twitter

Setup a twitter account for StempleLABS.  Looking for follow electronics and robot related twitter feeds. is back

In 2010 I was late to renew the domain registration, a domain parking company stole it.  They wasted their money because I waited them out over 2011.

I was running my own server with the domain registered through a dynamic DNS service.  Since then with so many cloud based servers and cheaper domain management, I got out that.  Now this domain is registered for $10 and hosted through Google's blogger service.  Very cheap for me and significantly less support and maintenance on my part is required.  I am going to miss my owner server, however my interests have changed--been there done that--so looking for new challenges.  It saves some $$ on the utility bills.

So far Blogger has been very slick to work with.  Its quick and appears to allow as much customization as one wishes to invest the time is configuring...