Monday, March 5, 2012

Blade 450 flys again, needs more tweaking

Of course after my first crash, in order to maintain enthusiasm for this hobby, I considered the challenge of taking it apart and back together again. Turns out that was the easy part. With new parts things were slightly out of adjustment. I started to adjust only to find other things were not out.

Back to reading about theory again. Figured out specifically how the swash mix works, and how to tweak the gyros. I turned off the gyro and attempted to drive around on the ground. Quickly I gained a sense of how critical that technology really is and I developed a new sense of how complex the PID loop is that is in use. Looking forward to understanding more about flybar-less setups in the future.

Current challenge is to tweak out the vibrations I get on initial spool up. With the slightest tap on the rudder it comes out of it for a smooth hoover.  However how left stick on the rudder causes the bird to drop like a rock. I suspect my HEAD SPEED isn't were it needs to be. My pitch is likely off also. I need more tools! A contact less RPM gauge. Its on the wish list. I used a pitch gauge and swash plate leveler. Now that I understand how these tools work, I have seen online others that would appear to work a lot better then my set!

For now, more simulator time. Good news is on the sim I am running circuits and hovering upside down...

Final parts replacement tally:
 - Flybar
 - Rudder blades
 - Main rotor blades
 - Rotor shaft
 - Blade grips
 - Spindle
 - Head dampeners
 - Drive gear

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