Sunday, March 11, 2012

Parallax Expo 2012 - Robot Line-Following Contest

Getting ready for my 3rd Unofficial Parallax Expo April 13 & 14. Looks like the name changed and its out of beta testing to become the Official Expo this year as two day event with several contests. This will be the first robot related event I will be competing in - 200 ft line following contest.

After considering a Lego bot, I decided to add on to the StringRay.  Picked up this IR tracker unit after scoping out a couple options from both Parallax and Pololu. The unit pictured appears to be the most robust in terms of features and development assistance capabilities. Also the most expensive, however it will cut the hardware development time to near ZERO and allow me to focus on writing the Prop Spin code; still very new to me so the less time tweaking hardware the better in order to be ready for the event.

I am waiting to hear back in my StringRay's RC radio for manual control will be considered 'illegal' for the event. It is how I manage the kill switch and camera controls.

When I purchased this line-follower unit, it was the last one in stock. I suspect I am not the only one going after this. Parallax does a good job of promoting its products and sponsors a lot of Free events like this one. I am sure it pays back in product sales in the long run. I have a nice little collection of Parallax stuff in my stock pile...

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