Monday, September 17, 2012

Early 2009 iMAC clean install

Good thing this wasn't a production environment - but then it would not be as much fun!!

I was stuck in Lion given that my primary productivity application 'Paperless by Mariner Software' was not and still is not ready to support Mt. Lion.  Considering another solution for PIM/Scan file management.  Bummer.

I decided to move that into a VM for Lion and do a clean install of Mt Lion on the iMac.  Took a LONG time cause I didn't go from point A to point B given my curiosity.  In this case curiosity did kill the cat, the big one - Mt Lion!  Recovered by going all the way back...  OUCH.

BTW another change for change sake was switching from VMWare Fushion to Parallels.  After seeing all of the reviews of Parallels 8 and the speed, I found that Parallels had a deal to switch from VMWare for the same cost as the VMWare 5 upgrade.  So far so good.

Still coping files back from the Time Capsule and setup iLife and other things however the now clean install appears to have been worth the extra hassle. The iMac had successive installs of Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and now a clean Mt. Lion.

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