Sunday, October 21, 2012

I2C with Compass module via Parallax Kickstarter

As mentioned on a prior post, lack of process understanding toward a working Propeller I2C interface and the RGB backpack is highlighting how little I know of I2C in general.  My career focuses on clinical application interfaces - so this is all in the same space right?  Nope!  My application interfaces are way up in the stack, no where near bit-banging stuff.  In the quest for understanding -- many mental cob-webs have been disturbed regarding byte and bit shift manipulation with a smattering of HEX based math.

This Parallax Kickstarter has been a good way for me to get back to the basics and provide that I can build an I2C interface and capture the output on the logic analyzer. Also this gave me a proven path to build up some logic glue around it with a NTE490 based level shifter based on the Philips I2C application note.

The other advantage of the kickstarter is that it right to the point in terms of basic functionality. Several I2C objects are out there, they look good, however setting them properly has been a challenge given that I don't know the basics.  Nice job Parallax!  There is a side effect as well given the examples range across 3 platforms.  I am brushing up on my C for Arduino and future work with the Prop GCC compiler.

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