Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RGB LED Backpack - Logos Electromechanical

Playing with my old neglected Arduino Diecimila board. Had to refigure out how it worked (still managed to get it going without reading) after spending LOTs of time working on Parallax Propeller boards...

Built the Logos Electromechanical RGB Backpack tonight.  Required basic soldering and building a wire harness (had parts on hand - nice!)

Logos EM provided a demo Arduino file to test out the backpack.  After relearning how to compile and upload (stumbled on picking the right board config for the Ardino - forgot about that requirement), otherwise it worked first time.  PIN-Outs matches on my cable, soldering was good.

Noticed that Logos EM is using the WSWire lib, ended up flipping it back to Wire lib to avoid modifying additional hardware or code - looks like pull-ups R aren't enabled otherwise.

Its been while since building hardware on the StempleLABs bench, so this was a nice evening project.

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