Saturday, June 8, 2013

Roomba 595 added to StempleLABS Robot Collection

This is the iRobot Roomba 595 (Pet Series). Costco has stocked this for a while, and each time shopping I have been tempted to one up. This is $300 less then the latest and greatest at $299.  After spending a bunch of time researching the broken Roomba 770 I had planned on getting one.
After first use downstairs (no virtual walls), it returned to the dock sooner than I expected.  Turns out the dust bin was full.  I am going to mess around with the bigger bin from the 770 to determine if backwards compatible.  770 is bigger and has different air path for suction. The 595 did big up a lot of dirt that I didn't expect was on the ground.  House includes a dog + dog door, so he is in and out a lot!  Nice job Roomba, surprised at the size of some of the items it sucked up.

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