Saturday, July 27, 2013

Windows7 forcing legacy filename format - short filename NAS pain

Struggle for several hours trying to figure out why all of a sudden Windows7 was not allowing me to use long formatted file names on a NAS (Apple Time Capsule). I noticed it quickly after setting up a Windows7 library.

In order to create a library from a NAS, the device must be indexed. I enable the Sync tool to create the index.  This caused any new file and folder to be limited to DOS8.3 naming convention.

I attempted to resolve based on a number of searches that were all over the board.  The solution was to turn off and clear any offline files that were set to by sync'ed with the NAS.  After a reboot things were normal.

NOTE: I didn't have Apple Bonjour running, assuming something with SMB was casing the issue.  When I setup the Apple Airport Utility it appeared to resolve; however NOT. What happen was that my SMB mapping to the NAS was setup to sync, the new Bonjour mappings were not.  I figured out the relationship to Windows 7 Sync when I created a library using the Bonjour mapping.

This is frustrating!! I have not done any additional research so I don't know if there is a Sync issues, Time Capsule issue or otherwise.  At this time I have fully disabled the Windows sync features.  I would like to use this feature, however after this ordeal I am burned on out it...  Looking for advice to resolve.

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